Trail Tale (la melodia)

Trail Tale (la melodia) – Video Dance

Director/Camera/Video Editor

Video Dance, 10’00’’, 2016

Trail Tale (the melody)

  • Choreography by Annarita Mazzilli
  • Video by Andrea Gambadoro
  • Performers Morena De Leonardis – Annarita Mazzilli
  • Music: Andy Higgs
  • Costumes: Magdalena Glowacka
  • Assistant: Mateusz Napieralski
  • Camera and Video Editing: Andrea Gambadoro
  • Produced by La Strada Fashion Circus
** This video is a work in progress, and will be updated from time to time untill having the final version. **
Created by Andrea Gambadoro | November 14, 2017 | Music Videos/Video Dance

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