In the last few years my passion for photography has grown bigger and bigger. It just started out as a hobby. And then, slowly has also become what I do as a job. I am enjoying many aspects of photography, concentrating on life events and Stills Photography. Also portraits and architecture are a big point of interest. My portfolio is constantly changing and updated. You can find it following this link to see my Flickr profile or you can scroll to see few samples. Feel free to contact me if you want further information.

Some Stills Photography credits:

  • Great Canal Journeys“, TV Documentary, Spun Gold TV, dir. Michael Taylor
  • Nothing to Lose“, Short Movie, Feasible Films, dir. Toby Reisz
  • Goodbye Mondays“, Short Movie, Front Row Centre Productions, dir. Michael Salmon
  • Alien Covenant DVD Promo Launch“, Twenty Century Fox, dir. Bill Thomas
  • Killer Clergy“, 10 episodes TV Drama Reconstruction, Sky Vision, dir. Bill Thomas
  • Passport to Murder“, 10 episodes TV Drama Reconstruction, Sky Vision, dir. Bill Thomas
  • Bambina“, Short Movie, Terre di Cinema, dir. Yotam Knispel
  • Phalure Inc“, Short Movie, MHA Global Productions & Black Lake Productions, dir. Doug Rollins
  • The Crime“, TV Pilot, MHA Global Productions, dir. Doug Rollins
  • Rose“, Short Movie, dir. MacĂ©o Bhardway (video)

Stills Photography/Backstage

Aerial Photography

Nature & Landscapes

Studio Portraits / Portraits