Slap Bang – Music Video by Mercutio

Slap Bang – Music Video by Mercutio

DOP/Camera Operator

Music Video, 04’15’’, 2019

Video Credit:
Produced by Gianluca Cucchiara and Giovanna Romagnoli
Directed by Gianluca Cucchiara
Feat Mercutio, Jemima Brown and Rhuna Barduagni
Dop and Camera Andrea Gambadoro
Gimbal Operator Mik Bakalarz
Editor Roberto Sommella
Colour Sebastiano Greco

Ross William Wild – Vocals
Fabio Staffieri – Guitar
Francesco Lucidi – Drums
Executive producer Giovanna Romagnoli & Diverge Records
Song arranged and produced by Mercutio and Gianluca Cucchiara
Feat Andrea Lonardi – Bass
Mixed by Michael Kev
Mastered by Jean Pierre Chalbo.



Created by Andrea Gambadoro | January 3, 2020 | Music Videos/Video Dance

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