Andrea Gambadoro

Posted by | March 30, 2021
Great Canal Journeys

The new series of "Great canal journeys" is out... and it was a pleasure and a joy filming it! Check it out on Channel 4 (Series 12 ep.1 and 2)

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Posted by | November 17, 2020
Documentary – preview!

During summer I worked filming a documentary exploring the life of some actors rehearsing the play "la nuova colonia". The documentary will explore the life of this people in the...

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Posted by | October 11, 2020
“Enslaved” – premiering on BBC2

The trailer for “Enslaved”... proud to have worked on this great project with an amazing team to tell such an important piece of history... premiering on BBC2 on the 11th...

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Posted by | September 23, 2020
“Playtime” by Mercutio

The new video of the rock band Mercutio is out. It was a crazy two days running all over filming it... I hope you will enjoy it. Check it out...

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Posted by | September 12, 2020
Celebrity Britain by barge: Then and Now

Finally it is possible to watch all the 6 episodes of "Celebrity Britain by barge: then and now" on Channel 5. An amazing journey through the UK canals working with...

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Posted by | June 16, 2020
Aerial Video – canals and fields

I have just edited a small videos of a day out around Reading (UK) flying over a canal and over some fields... it was such a glorious day! Hope you...

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Posted by | June 8, 2020

I edited a small (small!) video of some landscapes I have filmed with my first drone flights... it is beautiful and fun to learn new skills. And I hope you...

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Posted by | May 28, 2020
Drone Exam passed!!!

And finally have done it... passed the theory last week and passed the practice today! Now can fly the drone professionally... started the application to get also my PfCO that...

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Posted by | May 18, 2020
London during the lockdown

It is not almost two month since the lockdown in London started (and that there has been no work at all!). While the first restriction are easing in these days,...

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Posted by | March 27, 2020
New Ob Docs Showreel!!

And here it is... an updated showreel of my work as Camera Operator in ob docs... check here.

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