Other Video

Terry (the serial killer) – Music Video by Jon Boylan

DOP – Camera

Music Video, 04’08’’, 2017

That Moment – teaser

Director/Video Editor/Post Production

Short Movie, 04’38”, 2017

Full Short Movie completed and entered into some short movie competitions.

  • with Erica Jane Mills and Paul Easom
  • Written Directed and Edited by Andrea Gambadoro
  • Director of PhotographyMik Bakalarz
  • Assistant DirectorBill Thomas
  • ProducerLucy Sanders
  • Music – Luca Mauceri

Trail Tale (la melodia) – Video Dance

Director/Camera/Video Editor

Video, 10’00’’, 2016

  • Trail Tale (the melody)
  • Choreography by Annarita Mazzilli
  • Video by Andrea Gambadoro
  • Performers
    • Morena De Leonardis
    • Annarita Mazzilli
  • Music: Andy Higgs
  • Costumes: Magdalena Glowacka
  • Assistant: Mateusz Napieralski
  • Camera and Video Editing: Andrea Gambadoro
  • Produced by La Strada Fashion Circus
** This video is a work in progress, and will be updated from time to time untill having the final version. **

Erin Grey Couture Show – Promo

Camera/Video Editor

Video Promo, 2’10’’, 2015

On February 6th, CJ Boston of Erin Grey debuted her Spring 2016 Collection at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London, England. Filmed originally from 5 different cameras I have used the footage from my only camera to realise a short promo of the night.

Memories of Two Emigrants in London – Video/Gift

Director/Dancer/Camera/Video Editor

Video, 6’55’’, 2014

In September 2014, for the 20th anniversary of the Dance Gallery (the dance school in Perugia, Italy, where I studied in 2004), I have created this video: my gift and homage.

While it was hurriedly shot and edited because of the tight deadline, and despite knowing the further work I should have done, I decided to share it anyway to show the fun and the memories of those days.

Shot in 3 days in over 25 locations around London, Morena (another past student of the school) and I have gone through some of the theories and the knowledge gained in the years of studies at the Dance Gallery and added our personal twist.

In Consideration of Cats – Trailer/Promo

Director/Camera/Video Editor

Video Promo, 3’13’’, 2014

Extract “Hector” from the book “In Consideration of Cats” by Keith Brazil

Trail Tale – Teaser

Camera/Video Editor

Teaser, 44’’, 2014

Teaser from the rehearsal of the piece “Trail Tale“, presented by the Mazzilli Dance Theatre